#MinuteFall – the story told with mini watercolor paintings

Kasia Haldas is my friend and also a creative person. I’ve asked her few questions about project, which she does for over 6 months. She paints highly detailed miniature watercolor paintings daily, often spending on it even 3 hours each afternoon or evening. Beside this she prepares posts of them and shares them via social media, and for almost 80% of Spring she did daily process speed-up video. Lets learn little more about her project from this 5 questions below.

  1. What is the #MinuteFall?
    #MinuteFall is a 3rd season of the project called #YEARofMINIS, where I paint daily miniature watercolors and post them via SM. So far I’ve accomplished #TinySpring and #LittleSummer, in front of me almost whole Autumn and than Winter. As inspiration at first I’ve used pics from Instagram, right now sometimes these are my own observations, some friends and people, who follow my project submit their ideas via email or SM, mostly Instagram. My main motive are Seasons and their time flow, with this tiny pictures I try to tell the story about nature around people. It’s very personal project – I’m based in Europe, so I look for inspirations, which are familiar for me.
  2. Why is the #YEARofMINIS unique?
    Because I do this (laugh). It’s not an ignorance, I just put my heart in it and it’s very personal to me, as I said before. I’m a big nature lover, beside I try to paint emotions of people. I’ve heard once, that people take pictures of this, what they love or what is interesting for them. I just look between this for pics, which are beautiful. Beauty deserves to be painted. My big inspiration is a Canaletto’s story.
    Another reason – I use only watercolor paints, brushes and paper. I do not mix any other mediums. I already know works of few artists, who use mixed media technique (watercolors, color pencils and oils), and their results are amazing!! But this is simply not my way.
    My usual working area is square 25 x 25 mm (little less than 1″ x 1″).
    Samples of the paintings. Full gallery you can check on Kasia’s Instagram.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  3. What are the biggest surprises so far (positive/negative)?
    I’m delighted how many people loves, what I do. Some of them observe and appreciate my work since very beginning of the first season, this motivates for each day. Big surprise is for me my family, who at first for few months have been laughing and calling my paintings “Briefmarke” (it’s a post stamp in German), but some day they just stopped and now are waiting for each new painting, as some people online do. It’s funny to find inspirations, which follow rules of my project, in Australia, Japan or Canada and US.
    I’m surprised also, that some people can be aggressive. I accept, that my minis can look prosaic for some people, but being just malignant is cruel. Some people say, world is cruel and life is cruel, but I really like to look at the bright and beautiful side of it, this is my passion. I’m also surprised, that many people want to earn money from promoting my works. It’s large business: IG art-sharing hubs (not all of them, only few large discovered so far), galleries and independent people (not all of them, but I’ve got a lot of offers so far, and there was any which didn’t want money from me). It’s pretty new thing for me, but maybe it’s usual for this field.
  4. What do you expect from this project?
    #YEARofMINIS gives me fun, but also I gather a lot of experience. This observations, which I do daily, help me a lot in my professional work. Before starting my miniature project for a few years I was only digital. I didn’t do any digital paintings. I was creating 2d and 3d graphic designs, renderings and post-productions.
    During this project I also train my English, which is important communication tool for me.
    In future I would like to honor people, whose amazing pics where inspiration for me, and if they agree, I would like to prepare some catalog, which will include their works. In my opinion, talented people should have more possibilities to share their work. I’ll be very happy if this will happen, but this is an idea so far. I’m pretty busy person, still didn’t have enough time to start it.
  5. Are you a painter?
    I’m not a painter or artist. I’m a self-taught. I started to paint 3 weeks before starting first season of the #YEARofMINIS. I tried watercolors at first, I liked them and decided, I should do this regular to grow and be better. Spring is a good time to begin, so I did. At first I’ve bought professional watercolor paper – I’ve read on some blog, that proper paper is very important. And also few brushes, but I’ve picked wrong and most of the #TinySpring I’ve used too big brushes. I’ve also started with a small set of Sakura Koi watercolors, which I accidentally won in February 2015. Since July I started to collect some paints and new brushes, but only few so far, they are pretty expensive.
  6. Something for the end?
    I would like to say “Thank you!” for all those people, who are with me each day. I’m honored your here and you appreciate my work. Thank you for this possibility to share some facts about #YEARofMINIS. It’s open and always welcome new people. Please learn about it, join and share with me your suggestions.

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Written by Alice K. Klatt
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Speed-up process video of painting the miniature from 26 September 2015.


4 thoughts on “#MinuteFall – the story told with mini watercolor paintings

  1. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, and still learn from time to time. Your tips are very good, thank you for sharing them!
    After finishing this project, I would love to start another one (I have already some idea for it) combined with blog (as I did for TinySpring, but painting and posting daily right now is too much for me), so there will be more miniatures here 😉


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