The Power Of Simple Lines: Intricate Drawings By Self-Taught Lithuanian Artist

Lithuanian artist Vytas Neviera challenged himself to draw daily images for the entire year. 1st January 2015 he started “A day a drawing” personal project to improve drawing skills and to explore own creativity and unique style of very simple linear drawings. He decided to work for the entire year. Day after day he analyzes shapes and spaces with clear strokes of the pen, wandering through own mind, experiences and passions. His goal is to accomplish the year with a set of 365 various illustrations made only with paper and pen.

Vytas is mostly inspired by nature and people, but he also studies works of older masters (e.g. Gustave Doré, Stasys Krasauskas), traditional Japanese and Chinese ink artworks or theories of geometry. Contrast between black and white is for him a powerful means of expression, but he also experiments with additional colors, diversity of thickness of the lines and paper sizes. His daily work for the series average takes 4-5 hours of drawing, day after day. Usually he does not make sketches for the illustrations: “I want to make my mind and hands work every single day”, he said. The effect are magical linear images, where you can find emotion, landscapes, people, love, flowers mixed with multicultural symbolic (Slavonic, Nordic, Asiatic) and mythology.

He has already drawn more then 200 impressing drawings and still creates one image daily. Be sure to check his social media profiles, connect with him and follow his work.

Facebook – Behance – Instagram

Written by Alice K. Klatt
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